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TPAE, Thunder Power Acoustic Engineering Co. Ltd is a acoustic design consultancy company and acoustical materials manufacturer in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Our services are acoustic simulation, acoustic measurements and room acoustic design. TPAE products materials which absorption, insulation, diffuse or reflect, Usound Acoustic Shell and construction.

Cases including:
Listening Room/Movie Theater/ Piano Room/Drums Room/Recording studio/Music Classroom/Meeting Room/Conference Hall/Stadium/Auditorium/Concert hall/etc.

Acoustic simulation
TPAE assists architects and designers estimate the acoustic quality of room and building through advanced acoustic technology. TPAE can process the audition and visualized analysis before construction.

TPAE acoustic design is according to objective data, and achieved the desired acoustic value, e.g. reverberation time, SPL, and speech intelligibility . We usually measuring the room before and after construction and loudspeaker engineering finish.

Room Acoustic Design
The advantage of TPAE lies in the combination of electro-acoustic and room acoustics, include materials layout, room sharps, loudspeaker positions and various building components. First define the acoustic target for speech or music purpose, and then TPAE will asset you.

Usound Acoustic Shell

If you have any further queries, requests or suggestions, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our services.
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